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, Ling Xue looked around and saw that everyone was looking at her, except for Ning Shu who had her head lowered., She knitted her brows unhappily. This Lin Jiajia always caused her trouble, but she only had to complain about it a little and An Rong would immediately bring people to deal with her., Ning Shu lowered her head, suppressing her impulse to grab Leng Ao and shake him awake., Ning Shu felt that she was too weak. She kept being influenced by the remnant feelings in this body and had to use a lot of effort in order to suppress those feelings. She knew that she couldn’t allow herself to be influenced by the original host’s emotions, because if she did, how would she be any different from the original host? She had to stay calm., At this time, she suddenly felt a cold gaze shoot towards her. Ning Shu lifted her head and met with Ling Xue’s gaze. What kind of gaze was it? It was cold, detached, and aloof, as if she was looking at an ant., Ning Shu was puzzled. She was hiding at the side and wasn’t causing trouble right now, why was the main lead looking at her?, Ning Shu didn’t dare to confront Ling Xue right now as the difference between their abilities was too great, it was like the rift between heaven and earth. She could only plan quietly and avoid disturbing the tiger. If she ended up provoking the tiger, she’d be chopped right up and thrown into the river for the fishies to eat., That’s right, the female lead was precisely this fierce and ruthless., Leng Ao saw that Ling Xue’s gaze was directed at Ning Shu so he also looked towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu’s body immediately started trembling from excitement., Ning Shu: …, It was just a glance, what was this body being so excited for? Ning Shu wasn’t the original host and wasn’t affected by Leng Ao’s instant-kill good looks. To Ning Shu, who had already died once, this guy was just a pink skeleton., >Pink skeleton is a person that’s pretty on the outside, but not necessarily so in the inside., Leng Ao looked at Ning Shu and knitted his brows. Strong disgust surfaced in his eyes. It was clear that he had recalled who she was. He didn’t have a trace of a favorable opinion towards this Lin Jiajia who was always trying to hang onto him. He felt that she was disgusting and had said so casually, then the entire school started bullying her., Who did she think she was? And she even told him to stay away from Ling Xue, she sure didn’t know her own place., He sensed her gaze. Eh? Why was her gaze so clear? In the past it was disgusting, filled with what she believed to be deep love, but right now there was nothing in her eyes at all. She looked at him as if she was looking at a stranger., Leng Ao sneered. She was trying the ploy of ‘capture by letting loose’ to gain his attention? How childish., Leng Ao turned around to look at Ling Xue. His eyes were full of gentleness, yet he spoke like a tsundere, “Hey woman, my birthday’s this weekend. You’re coming to my dinner party, right?”, Ling Xue wasn’t interested in some birthday party, right now she was busy with expanding her territory. Speaking of that- Ling Xue ground her teeth. She had actually encountered an obstacle., She had been relying on her cultivation. Her body had been modified by spiritual energy and was completely different from those of normal people, yet that man had actually not been at a disadvantage when fighting with her. It made Ling Xue depressed. At the same time, she felt a desire to subdue him., Leng Ao’s expression was a little nervous when Ling Xue didn’t speak. He also felt a little hurt, but he didn’t show it. He simply lifted his chin and said, “I won’t let you off if you don’t come.”, How childish ah. Ling Xue couldn’t help but think of the man that she had exchanged blows with. Cold, ruthless, hot, and most importantly, he was very capable. Moreover, his gaze scorched when he looked at her, and it also carried a bit of an ambiguous flavor. The moment Ling Xue recalled his gaze, her heart would start beating out of control., All women liked being subdued by a strong man, especially Ling Xue who had come from the cultivating world. To her, ordinary people were just ants., However… Ling Xue saw the nervousness and hope in Leng Ao’s eyes and felt that it was really enjoyable to be able to dictate people’s emotions like this., Ling Xue liked this world. Although there was barely any spiritual energy, it was also very different from the cultivation world. Ling Xue felt that she was at the summit of this world, and it was a very refreshing feeling., “I’ll go, and I’ll prepare a gift too,” said Ling Xue calmly. There was not a trace of a ripple in her emotions, no trace of being overwhelmed by favor from a superior., A smile immediately appeared on Leng Ao’s face, however, he still kept his chin lifted in a tsundere manner. “At least you know some tact.”

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